Best Musical Toys for Babies


Musical instruments play a very crucial role in the growth and development milestone in babies from as early as when they are in the womb. Nonetheless, musical instrument toys are fun to play with and play a huge part in the child’s life as he/she learns about musical instruments and their sounds. It is therefore wise as a parent to understand the importance of musical instruments and how they aid the little angels in the different stages of growth and development in their early years. With this in mind, you can help your baby in life a great deal and they’ll grow up to be clever geniuses and more exposed in life. There is a wide range of musical instruments, toys inclusive which are suitable for the young ones. More so, they’re known to play a very vital role in the learning, developing and growth of a baby in all developing areas.

Benefits of Musical Instruments as a Gift for Babies

Music is everywhere. Generally speaking, when you attend most occasions and ceremonies, music is part of the celebrations and has a role to play on its own. However, as much as music it is everywhere, it is crucial to understand how we use it around the precious jewels. This is because, when they’re still young, their brain is developing at a really fast rate and anything the grasp during this time, will have a great impact in the next stage of their life as they grow and develop. Parents over the years have been using music as a way to soothe and calm their baby, interact and express their feelings of joy and love towards them.

What to look for in a Musical Instrument as Toy for your Baby

Choosing the right instrument is crucial in enhancing and promoting growth and development in the right direction. Since the young ones are quite exploring, make sure you purchase an instrument or toy with good texture, since the young ones are notorious with putting everything in their mouths and is safe for babies. In addition, look for something that promotes growth, learning and development for your baby. More so, a musical instrument should be something your child really needs and has been asking of it. Whether a drum, guitar or violin, ensure that your baby will make use of it and will promote learning and development. Finally look for a colorful instrument which will excite the child and inflict the desire to play around with it.

Top 3 Best Musical Toys For Babies

#1 Baby Musical Instrument Setbaby musical instrument set

Our number 1 pick here is the Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band, it is perfect for babies to begin to experience music from as young as three months old. Hohner have done a great job with this set as its gives a great range of percussion sounds for a baby to experiment with. This set includes four well designed musical toys that will fit around a babies hand nicely. Hohner are a trusted brand and this toy set is a good example of durable toys that will last.


#2 Fisher-Price Kick and Play Baby Piano Gymbaby musical gym

The number two recommendation from is this excellent baby friendly piano gym. This great toy lets your child lay on their back, stomach, or sit up and hit or kick the large piano like keys which then return a recognizable note. This simple yet effective toy can help your child make connections between movements and sounds, as well as the difference between notes. Its a great fun toy that also has a mobile style hanging toys for the baby to play with also. Fisher-Price are a top notch toy manufacturer and we haven’t seen any exception here with this great musical gym for babies.


#3 Baby Einstein Discover and Play Pianobaby musical toy piano

Our last recommendation is a very well prices soft touch toy piano for babies. This product made by Baby Einstein is another excellent way for babies to learn about music and how they can create it. This novel toy has many ways in which it can be used, 1 is to use it just like an ordinary piano where each time your baby presses or kicks a different note it plays the sound, you can select what type of sound it is also either piano, horn or violin. 2nd way in which this toy can be used is each time a key is pressed the number is spoken in one of 3 languages, English, Spanish or French and then a different little melody is played back. The 3rd mode plays an animal sound, dog or cat, back to the child when a different key is pressed. Overall this is a fabulous gift of a baby and a great low cost way to introduce music.


How Musical Instruments Help Babies

When you introduce musical instruments, even if it’s just a toy, to your baby, you will note a huge difference between your child and another, who has not been introduced. Since your baby is more exposed, he/she will be better off in the areas mentioned above and will be at a greater advantage with sounds and learning generally. Music is known to be the universal language therefore your young one will start learning about communication, as early as after birth. As much as they won’t understand the words from the music, they will manage to grasp something more important, the rhythm of the beats from the music while developing their motor skills when holding onto the toys or instruments. That’s why you will observe, when the music is soft and slow, the baby will tend to calm down as it is soothing whereas if the music is too loud, the baby gets all jumpy and active. Below are some of the benefits your precious jewel will enjoy if she/he gets to play with a musical instrument or toy.

Music and Baby Brain Development

As earlier said, a baby’s brain is developing, and at a really fast rate as a matter of fact. Music will give your baby a greater mental advantage compared to a child who barely knows anything about musical instruments. Music will trigger the brain which plays a huge role in the overall development of babies in certain areas. At the same time, brain pathways are being created in the brain which allows brain development hence touching on the brain areas which fosters emotional development, language and math.

Music and Developing Babies Social skills

When a baby is born, the socially life is still held in its shell inside them. With music, you can help your little one crack the social shell and with time, he/she will start creating social skills with those around them. A baby exposed to music instruments when young will collect some very crucial life skills which enables them to be better social beings. This include team-work, cooperation, creativity, concentration and better ways of relating with others. Nonetheless, they also pick up discipline and leadership skills.

Music for Babies Memory

Music enhances not only learning but also storing what the baby has learnt. When a baby is young, her memory is very poor and needs improvement. Playing with that instrumental toy will stimulate various patterns of brain development which in turn enhances the child’s learning ability and the memory.

Increase Baby Creativity

Knowing how to use a musical toy or instrument, it’s already creativity on its own. Generally speaking, instruments are a good way to nurture your baby’s creativity from as young as a few days or weeks. This will turn out as a great attribute in the baby’s mind since her brain will be nurtured too, to foster any kind of creative engagements the baby will embrace.

Music and Cognitive Skills for Babies

With exploring musical instruments and toys, a child is able to enhance his/her cognitive potential to think and ability to memorize different sounds from instruments. Every time your child gets exploring, there are neural pathways which are created while others are made stronger. In addition to enhancing cognitive skills, each musical instrument poses a certain challenge to the child which in turn stimulates brain development.

Positive Influence of Music on Babies Revealedbaby with musical toy

Many people enjoy music but few know the huge benefits it has on babies. Studies show that music largely influences physical, emotional, sensory and cognitive development of babies. Children should be exposed to music at a tender age. Interestingly, research has proven that when babies are exposed to music while still in their mothers womb, their intellectual development is usually better than those whose mothers do not listen to music. Babies are born with millions of brain cells which become more connected when exposed to music. That is why music is said to play a great role in building the brain of a baby. We are going to provide you with more information about positive influence of music on babies so that you can have a better understanding of its amazing benefits.

Boosts Imagination

Music plays a vital role in enhancing the creativity of your baby. Research has shown that children who listen to music tend to be more creative than those that don’t. Creativity is a skill that is developed when children listen to music.

Improves Spatial Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Memory

This refers to ones ability to identify different relationships in space.It also entails the ability to understand the visual world. Research shows that babies who are exposed to music have improved spatial intelligence. Music also enhances children’s memory. When things that are difficult to remember are expressed in music form, children will remember them more easily. This technique is used in many schools. Depending on the topic and genre, music can be so emotional. It evokes inner feelings in an individual. The way it sounds will directly influence your children. It makes children to detect mood of the song as well as emotions being expressed by the artist.

Nurtures Talent

Music helps to nature talent. Studies show that babies that are exposed to music usually develop interest in it. As they grow, their interest increases and begin to practice singing. They eventually become artists, song writers or producers. That is why it is advisable to teach your child about various music instruments so that he/she can understand more about music. Listening alone is not enough to nature his/her talent.

babies listerning to music

Calming Effect

Music helps to calm babies. When a child cries,a lullaby is sung to calm and sooth him/her to sleep. This technique was used in the olden days and is still applicable today. Lullaby song should be soft while singing should be done at a low tone.

Improves Interaction

Music improves interaction between a baby and parent. When you play music for your kid, you will definitely show that you are enjoying it so that your baby can also find it enjoyable. With time, he will begin to request you to play the song. This interaction will help to improve relationship with your child.

Music Improves Concentration

Music helps to improve a child’s concentration especially during story telling session. When the story is long and plain, chances are that the kid may become bored and lose concentration. But when music is included in the middle of the tale, the child will concentrate even more. Some teachers use this technique when teaching in class. Music stimulates the mind of babies. This promotes their cognitive and emotional growth.

Music Reduces Stress

Scientists have proved that music helps to reduce stress. When a child listens to music, he will forget all that was stressing him at school. A stress-free child learns and understands things fast. Such a kid usually performs well in class. Music helps babies to relax after busy day of playing. Relaxing enables them to regain energy that was lost during playtime so that they can wake up the next day more energized.

Reduces Pain

According to scientists, music promotes the release of endorphin’s. These are chemicals in the body which help to reduce pain. They are released when one listens to music. This is why parents should play music for their babies especially when they are in pain due to sickness or any situation that involves pain.


Improves Healthbaby health benefits from music

Studies show that listening to music can promote the production of antibodies which help to fight infections. It is therefore good for the health of your babies.

Final Thoughts

Music is known to impact creativity in babies which in turn impacts how they develop not only in mind and body but with others as well. According to research conducted, babies who have been introduced to musical instruments at a young age, show a more developed brain and are able to communicate better whilst expressing necessary emotions. More so they’re able to relate well with others and are more appreciative of other people’s cultures. Music is a great gift awarded to us and we should pass that on to our bundles of joy and gift them more than just a play toy but a chance to grow, develop and learn better.

Make effort to ensure that your child is exposed to music. It will promote his/her physical, cognitive, sensory and emotional development. But care must be taken to ensure the baby’s safety, that music is not too loud to damage your child’s eardrum. Recommended volume is 70 decibels.