So you want to buy a teepee? Well you have come to the right place. As we have mentioned teepees are a great gift for a child of any age, babies and toddlers! However there are so many places that sell kids teepees its can be hard to know what stores online or otherwise that can be trusted to give you a quality product that isn’t overpriced.

Where to Buy a Teepee

Well we recommend Amazon as the first choice foamzon logor buying a teepee as a gift. Amazon is one of the world’s most trusted online retailer and has been giving customers great deals for many years.The brilliant thing about buying online through Amazon is that you can browse and purchase all from the comfort of your own home. No road traffic, trying to find parking outside of stores or queuing up, just a few clicks, sit back and quicker than you know it your order will arrive at the front door.

Amazon provides a feedback and rating system for all products, this lets you check out what others think about items they have purchased. They provide a star rating system from 1 to 5, with five being the best rating. They also have a free text comment area where customers can describe their experiences with Amazon and the product.

Amazon has an easy checkout and shipping system. They are known for their great shipping rates and returns policies. Once you make an account with them its a quick checkout process as your details are already stored in the account so just a few clicks and your purchase will be on its way to you.

Amazon also has special deals and discounts quiet often so your sure to find a bargain when you browse through to buy a teepee.

See the reasons below for why Baby Kids Depot think Teepees are they a great gift.

  1. They let a child use their imagination to play, creating their own fun rather than letting digital entertainment occupy them, blocking the creative thoughts that a gift like a teepee could offer.
  2. Can be used inside or outside, create a fun play area for small or large spaces.
  3. Child safe materials for all ages.

pink and white kids teepee for sale


Tips to Buy a Kids Teepee

What type of Teepee do you want ? Here are some helpful selection criteria for you to choose the best teepee.

  • What size teepee do you need? kids teepees come in a range of different sizes and shapes so they can fit into practically any space. If you have a small bedroom to put the tipi up or if you have just a corner space in one if the larger areas, be sure to check the dimensions of the teepee before buying. Remember to check both height and width of the base. Also try to check the pole height too, wouldn’t want them sticking out of the teepee tent and then not fit in the room after you have bought it.
  • What material do you want? 100 % Cotton canvas is a good safe option for most kids but can be a bit more expensive and is not water proof. Other common teepee materials for babies and kids are nylon and polyester. Always be sure to check such things as the material safety in regards to fire and possible chemicals. Its always best to go with a trusted brand.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Teepee? Think about the location you want the teepee tent in as this may effect what type you buy. Some teepees can be waterproof while most are not but can still be used fine outdoors.