Toddler Teepees

Toddlers! That fun, exciting and full on time of your child’s life. They are just becoming mobile and getting their first taste of independence in the world, so why not give them their own special play space in the form of a teepee.

There are a lot of toys and gifts out there for toddlers these days, but one the best gifts we can recommend here at is that of a toddler teepee. Such a present will encourage your child to imagine all kinds of fantastic adventures and scenarios in their own little cubby house. Research has shown that young children learn effectively through play as it is a safe environment where they can emulate real world activities that they see adults participating in. For example young children often love to pretend to be parents themselves and put babies, in the form of dolls or other toys, to sleep as this is what they see in the grown up world. Toddlers love to organize their own little environments around the house or in the yard as it helps them think through these scenarios that they will one day be involved in.

This being said we have found 5 of the best teepees for toddlers available to purchase online, check out our reviews below.

Toddler Teepee Tent Reviews

#1 The Pacific Play Authentic Teepee TentBest Toddler Teepee

We love this model the most because it offers great all round value and fun! Pacific Play are a trusted company that make good quality teepees, which can be seen in the strong canvas and the wooden poles. This model is the perfect size for toddlers being about 3.7 feet wide at the base and about 4.7 feet tall, it wont take up the whole room but still has plenty of space for the kids to play in. This particular teepee also has as very simple assembly which is something we love at, no hassle assembly means easy to pack away as well. It features a nice carry bag too which makes storage and transport easy, perfect if you want to take it on a play date or for a picnic as this tipi can be used both indoors and outdoors. Lastly we think it looks great! It is a simple, traditional look about it which helps kids imagine they are living on the plains themselves!

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#2 Santé Fe Giant Teepee – by Pacific Play

top 5 toddler teepees

Our number 2 choice is once again made by Pacific Play, but a very different model to #1. This cute little play tent is a brightly colored fun looking teepee perfect for toddlers. The stylized Native American pattern is sure to excite and capture the imagination of any child. What we love most about this tent is the waterproof floor. Toddlers are at the age where lets face it, they make a lot of mess! Whether it is a soda that has been knocked over, bottle of water, sandwiches or fruit anything they can get their hands on they tend to get on the floor. With the traditional fabric or canvas base teepee this becomes a bit of a nuisance, or if the teepee is just of the carpet or any other type of floor covering it means your toddler can really take food of drink into the teepee. The Santé Fe Giant is also great to take out on a picnic as kids mess isn’t going to go everywhere in a public space, whether it’s toys or food. Now this teepee is made out of synthetic materials so that’s the trade off with the waterproof floor, but it is one of the cheapest one on our top picks. Like #1 the Santé Fe Giant has an excellent simple design which is easy to put up and take down. It also comes with a carry bag which is useful for storage and travel.

#3 6′ Cotton Canvas Toddler Teepee

best teepee for toddlers

This classic five side white canvas teepee is a great buy coming in as our #3 pick. Made by Trademark Innovations. This teepee is made from very high quality materials meaning it will last a long time definitely through out a child’s toddler years. Strong wooden poles make up the frame of this tee pee and are easy to attach to the canvas.

The simple white canvas is perfect for those that wish to really make this tipi their own. It can be used out doors as well as indoors which makes it a great candidate for kids to paint or decorate how they like. These kinds of activities can be the source or many hours of good creative fun!

The window on the side of this teepee is also a great practical and fun feature. The window allows air more air flow and light to enter but also is a nice feature for the kids to be able to poke their little noses out of and look around 🙂

#4 Kid Craft Canvas Teepee tent 

Our number 4 pick is is a beautifully designed indoor teepee for toddlers by Kidcraft a cute zigzag pattern around the base. This teepee is a good medium sized tent which is available in several different colors. One of the features we like most about this model is the mesh window which is perfect for parents to see how their toddler is going and also lets the child see out whilst not have the fuss of a zip or tie system to open and close it all the time. The next best thing about this tipi is the price it is extremely well priced, comes in second cheapest is our top five and is great value. The construction materials of the poles are high quality and wall material is 100% cotton which for most cases will make it toddler friendly. Like all the teepees in out top 5 the Kidcraft design makes for very easy setup and take down. I’m summary this teepee by Kidcraft is an excellent value buy and gives you options to match the color of your indoor space.

#5 Dexton 6′ Great Plains Teepee

Coming in at #5 this 6′ canvas teepee made by Dexton is a wonderful choice for for any toddler. This model is the simplest design in our top five, but also the most durable of the lot. The Dexton Great Plains Teepee was intended to resemble as much as possible the actual dwellings that the Great Plains people would have and still be fun for kids. What makes this tipi special is the canvas material is both waterproof and fire resistant !