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Welcome to Baby Kids Depot!  The best place to find learn and play toys! Studies have shown your child’s development and growth can be improved if learning is closely intertwined with play, or in other words play and learn at the same time! This is where we come in, knowing what toys can best help your child learn while they play is our specialty.

We hope you enjoy our range of reviews on various toys and gifts for the children of the next generation. Children learn so much through play hence it is crucial that we think about what kind of toys our kids have, what will give them the best start to life and not simply just entertain them 🙂

What are Toys that Help Children Learn?

Tipi for kids

Imaginative Play Toys

Teepees are an excellent way to promote creativity and imagination in children and can be great for indoor and outdoor play. See our reviews of the best kid teepee tent around.

Science Toys

Sensory Toys

Let them experience what senses they have  available to them, whether its, taste, smell, touch, sound or sight to learn about this beautiful world they are just starting off in.

Construction Toys

Check out our information on the benefits of Building Blocks for Toys and 24 fun games to play with them that your child will enjoy and learn from!


Musical Toys

Here at BKD (Baby Kids Depot) we are key believers in the role musical instruments can play in a child’s development. See here for Baby Musical Instrument information and Reviews. Musical instruments of all kinds are excellent for children for a variety of reasons, including aural stimulation. They are also excellent multi sensory toys that provide both tactile and visual stimulation too, as children feel vibrations, movement, the shifting weight of a shaker or the resistance of a drum. They watch what happens to the instrument when you use it or move it and what they’re doing with their hands. Try to choose good quality instruments with a lovely sound.

Learn and Play Toys for all Ages of Children

Toys that Help Babies and Infants Learn

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Learn and Play Toys for Toddlers

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Musical Instruments

Learn and Play Toys for Kids

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Science Toys

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